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Guess What We Learned in School Today? (1970)

Lieutenant Roger Manley (Richard Carballo) is a cop who enjoys entrapping women for solicitation arrests and seems completely averse to sex – until a black transvestite goes down on him.

Roger’s next-door neighbour, Colonel Lance Battle (Zachary Hains) is an insane US Marine Corps veteran who crusades against sex education, calling it a communist plot. Lance and his redhead wife Rita (Jane McLeod) have trouble getting it on until Rita arranges for Roger’s better half Evie (Rosella Olsen) from next-door to screw their 17-year-old son Robbie (Devin Goldenberg).

Rita and Lance watch the activity surreptitiously, at which point Lance mounts his wife from behind and drives her to climax while she watches her son have sex and moans her son’s name.

Meanwhile, Dr Lily Whitehorn (Yvonne McCall) is a sex educator with the clothing-optional Institute for Interpersonal Relations. Throughout the film, Lily directly addresses the camera – and a group of school children – with remarks about the need for people to overcome their inhibitions.

Some of this is mildly interesting, but most of the camerawork is ugly and the physical-comedy falls flat but every so often, a throwaway scene gets the film’s point across without lurid excess. The vignette of Dr Whitehorn explaining the words “fuck” and “c**t” to a group of schoolchildren accomplishes more than all the movie’s over-the-top carnal encounters put together.

Lt. Roger Manley
Dick Carballo
Eve Manley
Rosella Olsen
Colonel Lance Battle
Zachary Haines
Rita Battle
Jane McLeod
Robbie Battle
Devin Goldenberg
Dr Lilly Whitehorn
Yvonne McCall
Diane Moore
Iris Brooks
Mrs O’Reilly
Jean David
Larry Evers
Elizabeth Grusky
Mike Avalon
Tim Lewis
Bradley Price
Marine Captain
Gene Price
Philip Price
Sandra Wolf
Stanton Edgehill
Katherine Avildsen

John G. Avildsen