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Gumball Rally, The (1976)

In 1975, a Time magazine cover story introduced the world to the “Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash,” better known as the Cannonball Run, an illegal road race in which competitors sped across America to determine who could travel from New York to Los Angeles the fastest.

Created by a pair of car enthusiasts rebelling against speed limits, the Cannonball Run inspired two low-budget movies released in 1976. First up was Cannonball, a black comedy with an accent on violence, and then came this lighthearted take on the subject.

Michael Sarrazin stars as Michael Bannon, the idle-rich originator of a Cannonball-style road race. The drivers pull high-speed shenanigans like transferring passengers from one moving car to another, and they make sport of outsmarting cops across the country.

Gary Busey plays another in his long line of crazy-redneck characters, hootin’ and hollerin’ to enjoyable effect, and Raul Julia steals the movie with his flamboyant turn as an Italian speedster with a weakness for the ladies.

105 minutes of pleasant silliness.

Michael Bannon – Cobra Team
Michael Sarrazin
Lieutenant Roscoe
Norman Burton
Gibson – Camaro Team
Gary Busey
Ace Preston / Mr Guts – Camaro Team
John Durren
Alice – Porsche Team
Susan Flannery
Lapchik the Mad Hungarian
Harvey Jason
Kandinsky – Dodge Team
Steven Keats
Steve ‘Smitty’ Smith – Ferrari Team
Tim McIntire
Jane – Porsche Team
Joanne Nail
Barney Donahue – Mercedes Team
J. Pat O’Malley
Angie – Rolls Royce
Tricia O’Neil
Jose – Rolls Royce
Lázaro Pérez
Prof. Samuel Graves – Cobra Team
Nicholas Pryor
Andy McAllister – Mercedes Team
Vaughn Taylor
Avila – Dodge Team
Wally Taylor
Chief Biker
David Hinton
Joe Tornatore
Officer Williams
Med Flory
Raul Julia R
Stephen Blood
Lauren Simon (as Lola Daydream)
Mel – Van Team
Eddy Donno
Mrs Ontley
Ann Doran
Ms Reynolds
Elizabeth Fleming
Joe – Van Team
Richard Karie
John Lawlor
Jack Oliver

Charles “Chuck” Bail