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Heist, The/Dollars (1971)

The audacious robbery of a bank in Hamburg, Germany, is planned by Joe Collins (Warren Beatty), the bank’s security officer, and Dawn Divine (Goldie Hawn), a dizzy hooker.

Joe’s cunning plan is to rid apparently upstanding citizens of their criminal earnings with practical help supplied by Miss Divine since the three ‘victims’ are her clients and her deposit box is at the same bank.

He theorises that since the money was originally gained illegally, the men will have no recourse to the law when it disappears – and the eventual raid proves him right but with slightly different results than he anticipated.

Following a bomb hoax scare, Joe gets locked in the security vault with the time switch ensuring he is imprisoned in there until the next morning when the doors open automatically.

He executes the crime under the all-seeing eyes of the revolving cameras with the bank manager (Gert Fröbe) – and the world’s press – waiting outside.

Once the bank raid gets underway the film becomes totally enjoyable but the build-up to it is immensely complicated and the aftermath too lengthy.

Originally released as Dollars (also written simply as $).

Joe Collins
Warren Beatty
Dawn Divine
Goldie Hawn
Mr Kessel
Gert Fröbe
Robert Webber
Scott Brady
Candy Man
Arthur Brauss
Robert Stiles
Wolfgang Kieling
Robert Herron
Christiane Maybach
Hans Hutter
Berta Schmidt
Monica Stender
Horst Hesslein
Wolfgang Kuhlman
Klaus Schichan
Françoise Blanc
Associated Press
Darrell Armstrong
Stars and Stripes
Walt Trott

Richard Brooks