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Hide and Seek (1972)

Very high production values in this short film from the Children’s Film Foundation as young Keith Lawson (Peter Newby) – known as the ‘Deptford Dodger’ – runs away from an Approved School to meet up with his father, Ted (Terence Morgan), who has told Keith in a letter that he is moving to Canada, in the hope that he can persuade his dad to take him with him.

Arriving in South London, he meets up with local boy Chris Barker (future Spandau Ballet guitarist Gary Kemp) and policeman’s daughter Beverley Dickie (Eileen Fletcher), and Chris helps track down Keith’s father – ultimately discovering that he is actually planning a bank heist.

Chris is kidnapped by fake policemen Robin Askwith and Alan Lake, rescued by Keith and Beverley, and Mr Lawson is ultimately nicked with his gang, red-handed with the loot.

Keith is returned to the Approved School but shortly afterwards, Chris, Beverley and her Mum (Frances Cuka) and Dad arrive to collect him and take him home with them.

A quality supporting adult cast includes Liz Fraser, Terence Morgan, Roy Dotrice and Alfred Marks. The film was made entirely on location in Deptford.

Keith Lawson
Peter Newby
Chris Barker
Gary Kemp
Beverley Dickie
Eileen Fletcher
Police Sergeant
Richard Coleman
Police Constable Dickie
Godfrey James
Audrey Lawson
Liz Fraser
Ted Lawson
Terence Morgan
Mrs Dickie
Frances Cuka
Mr Grimes
Roy Dotrice
Fake Police Constable
Robin Askwith
Fake Police Sergeant Lorimer
Alan Lake
Ben Howard
Johnny Shannon
Graham Stark
David Lodge
Alfred Marks
Fruit Vendor
Bernard Spear
Roger Avon
Mrs Barker
Joyce Windsor

David Eady