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High Rolling (1977)

Fun-loving sideshow worker Tex (Joseph Bottoms) – a womanising American – and boxer Alby (Grigor Taylor) – a shy and quiet Australian – meet at a North Queensland carnival and head South in a quest for thrills.

First, they hitch a ride with Arnold (John Clayton), a homosexual mob drug dealer who tries to get sexy with Alby.


The boxer knocks him out and our heroes steal his (substantial) wad of cash and souped-up Corvette.

Then they pick up fifteen-year-old hitchhiker Lynn (Judy Davis in her first screen gig) who’s on her way to join a commune, party with sexy nightclub singers Sugar and Spice (Sandra MacGregor and Wendy Hughes), turn to robbery when their money runs out and try to evade being nabbed by both the police and an understandably vengeful Arnold.

It’s an enjoyable (if untaxing) road movie with a pleasing chemistry between the roguish Bottoms (brother of Timothy) and the more subdued Taylor.

There’s also gorgeous Australian scenery, and it all ends with a car chase. What’s not to like?


Released in the US as High Rolling in a Hot Corvette. The theme song provided a chart hit for Aussie superstars Sherbet.

Joseph Bottoms
Grigor Taylor
Judy Davis
Wendy Hughes
Sandra McGregor
John Clayton
Bus Driver
Peter Cummins

Igor Auzins