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Hills Have Eyes, The (1977)

Retired police officer Bob Carter (Russ Grieve) and his family are on a camping road trip to California when they ignore the warnings of a crazy old man they encounter at a gas station who warns them to stay on the main road and they take a detour through a nuclear testing site.

Their caravan becomes trapped in the middle of nowhere when they break an axle on their car, stranding them in the desert.

Unfortunately, the area is not uninhabited.


As night falls, a clan of barbaric mountain-dwelling cannibals close in on the family, attacking their Airstream trailer, and begin to brutally slaughter each of them as they fight to save their lives.

After a night of unbearable hell, the Carter family has lost some of their members and most of their supplies and decide to take revenge once daylight comes.

Their behaviour is more violent and psychotic than the villains.

The violence is shocking and strangely realistic – This is raw, intense horror at its best.

Big Bob Carter
Russ Grieve
John Steadman
Janus Blythe
Arthur King
Ethel Carter
Virginia Vincent
Brenda Carter
Susan Lanier
Lynne Wood
Dee Wallace-Stone
Brenda Marinoff
Bobby Carter
Robert Houston
Doug Wood
Martin Speer
James Whitworth
Michael Berryman
Lance Gordon
Cordy Clark

Wes Craven