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Hitch Hike To Hell (1977)

“She’s about to go on the ride of her life . . . it won’t last long!!”

Howard Martin (Robert Gribbin) is a mild-mannered 25-year-old bespectacled introvert who lives at home with his widowed mother (sister Judy ran away years ago and broke mama’s heart) and drives a truck for a commercial laundry called Baldwin Cleaners.

One day Howard spots a hitchhiker and something snaps in his head. He thinks she’s Judy and he feels compelled to punish her for what she did to mama. So he rapes her, strangles her, leaves her for dead in a field, and retains no memory of his crime.

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Madness takes root and grows, the body count rises, and Howard begins to have flashbacks. He seeks refuge at his mother’s breast.

Captain J.W. Shaw (Russell Johnson, known to millions of TV fans as The Professor from Gilligan’s Island) and Lieutenant Davis (Randy Echos) of the Crescent City Police Department begin to investigate. The police are going nuts, they want to catch this killer.

Tragically, they get the break they need to crack the case when Howard loses his temper with an 11-year old runaway called Lisa (Sheryl Lynn) who ends up in a dumpster with a Baldwin Cleaners delivery clutched in her dead hand.

Howard’s fate is a padded cell where he calls pitifully for his mother.

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Howard Martin
Robert Gribbin
Capt J.W. Shaw
Russell Johnson
Mr Baldwin
John Harmon
Lt Davis
Randy Echols
Mrs Martin
Dorothy Bennett
Mrs Burke
Mary Ellen Christie
Evelyn Davis
Kippi Bell
Sheryl Lynn
Mr Burke
John Grant
Jacqueline Poseley
Beth Reis
Jane Ratliff
Melanie Sutherland
Petra Michelle
Gay Boy
Don Lewis
Lydia Welles
Gail Bowman
Mr Lathrop
Vincent Lucchesi
Mrs Lathrop
Ginny Morrel
Main Title Victim
Debra Draper

Irvin Berwick