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Home Before Midnight (1979)

Mike Beresford (James Aubrey) is a successful 28-year-old lyricist for one of the big bands of the moment, Bad Accident (featuring Mick Jagger’s wholly untalented brother Chris lip-syncing to British band Jigsaw).

Mike is rich, successful and cruising in his Jensen Interceptor when he picks up a girl hitchhiker and gives her a lift home to London. Things develop and before too long, they’re out on a date, spending time together and in a relationship.

But there’s just one thing that Ginny Wilshire (Alison Elliott) has forgotten to mention to her new partner – she’s just 14 years old and still at school.

When Mike does find out, he’s shocked, but as they’re both in love, neither feels able to end the relationship. So they carry on seeing each other, initially with the girl’s parents’ approval (they think the relationship is all about friendship) but when a TV interview spills the beans, the girl’s father, Harry (Mark Burns) goes after Mike through the law and he is accused of statutory rape.

As the trial approaches, Mike loses all his friends, his music career and the support of his family and the film shows how societal pressure and a biased legal system only serve to compound the severity of an already thorny issue.

At times, the film is just another late 70s exploitation flick, throwing in occasional nudity, some bad rock music, a bit of romance, plenty of soft focus and some minor celebrities including Annie Nightingale and ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton.

Mike Beresford
James Aubrey
Ginny Wilshire
Alison Elliott
Harry Wilshire
Mark Burns
Susan Wilshire
Juliet Harmer
Debbie Linden
Vince Owen
Andy Forray
Chris Jagger
Helen Owen
Sharon Maughan
Inspector Gray
Ivor Roberts
WPC Wilding
Antonia Pemberton
Miss Heatherton
Faith Kent
John Hewer
The Judge
Patrick Barr
Charles Collingwood
Johnny McGee
Jeff Rawle

Pete Walker