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Home for the Holidays (1972)

This made-for-TV movie is set at Christmas time with four sisters – Christine (Sally Field), Jo (Jill Haworth), Freddie (Jessica Walter) and Alex (Eleanor Parker) – returning home for the first time in nine years. They are going to visit their dying father, Benjamin Morgan (Walter Brennan).

All the Morgan daughters have psychological scars from their upbringing with their tyrannical father (and their mother’s suicide) and have responded in different ways: Alex is cold and emotionally distant; Freddie (Frederica) is a self-destructive alcoholic pill-popper; promiscuous Jo has married and divorced three times, and only young, quiet Christine seems stable at all.

The Morgan girls have returned to their home because their elderly bedridden father insists he is being slowly poisoned by his second wife, Elizabeth (Julie Harris) – and he wants them to kill her before she kills him.

The sisters are suspicious – because Elizabeth’s first husband was allegedly also murdered via poisoning – but they are still reluctant to help their father.

Soon, however, a killer armed with a pitchfork and wearing a yellow raincoat begins murdering the Morgan sisters, one by one.

Home For The Holidays is a great yuletide whodunnit/horror film.

Frederica ‘Freddie’ Morgan
Jessica Walter
Christine Morgan
Sally Field
Joanna Morgan
Jill Haworth
Alex Morgan
Eleanor Parker
Elizabeth Hall Morgan
Julie Harris
Benjamin Morgan
Walter Brennan
Dr Ted Lindsay
John Fink
Sheriff Nolan
Med Flory

John Llewellyn Moxey