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Horror Hospital (1973)

Young rock singer Jason Jones (Robin Askwith) is persuaded by a flamboyant travel agent to take a relaxing break at Dr Storm’s “Health Hotel”, Brittlehurst Manor.

horrorhospital9On the train, Jason meets Judy Peters (Vanessa Shaw) who is also on her way to Brittlehurst Manor to meet her Aunt Harris (Ellen Pollock) for the first time.

But once there what they find is beyond their wildest (drug-induced) dreams . . .

The insane wheelchair-bound Dr Storm and his wife Aunt Harris, zombified teenagers, a strange abused dwarf servant, helmet wearing biker guards, blood-stained sheets, axes hanging on the walls, water that runs red with blood – and only one room available, which they have to share.

Combining medicine and terror, director Antony Balch attempts to spoof the usual horror contents here by taking them so far over the edge that they self-destruct.

There’s a Rolls-Royce with scythes and, of course, a burn-scarred mad scientist.

Unfortunately, the result is an almost unwatchable mess, but try to stay the course – the psychological subtext is fascinating.

Released in some markets as Computer Killers.


Dr Christian Storm
Michael Gough
Jason Jones

Robin Askwith
Judy Peters

Vanessa Shaw
Aunt Harris

Ellen Pollock

Skip Martin

Dennis Price

Antony Balch