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I, Monster (1971)

I, Monster is based on The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, although the names Jekyll and Hyde are changed in the film.

Christopher Lee plays Dr Charles Marlowe, a psychologist who becomes the wicked Edward Blake when he takes his new experimental serum. Peter Cushing lends support as Marlowe’s lawyer and friend Frederick Utterson. It is Utterson who suspects that all is not well with Dr Marlowe.

Shot in 3-D on the insistence of writer Milton Subotsky, the 3-D effect work was rendered useless because the sets had been built the wrong way round.

Christopher Lee is front and centre here and gives a very commanding performance as the curious and refined Marlowe. When he adopts scruffy hair and oversized teeth for the wicked Mr Blake, he seems to be genuinely enjoying himself. In fact, it’s rare to see a film where Christopher Lee smiles so much.

Dr Charles Marlowe/Blake
Christopher Lee
Frederick Utterson
Peter Cushing
Mike Raven
Richard Hurndall
George Merritt
Kenneth J. Warren
Susan Jameson
Marjie Lawrence
Aimée Delamain

Stephen Weeks