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Innocent Bystanders (1972)

Featuring Stanely Baker’s last big-screen role, Innocent Bystanders looks and feels like a hard-boiled low-rent James Bond.

Proof that Baker could still do tough guys well, his character John Craig is a traumatised spy long past his peak, who is assigned one last job by his reptilian boss, Loomis (Donald Pleasence), to find a Soviet scientist wanted by the American secret services and the KGB.

His mission to locate the defecting Russian sees him travel to Turkey via New York. In the process, he discovers that although he has lost his taste for killing, he hasn’t lost his talent for it.

John Craig
Stanley Baker
Miriam Loman
Geraldine Chaplin
Donald Pleasence
Dana Andrews
Joanna Benson
Sue Lloyd
Derren Nesbitt
Aaron Kaplan
Vladek Sheybal
Warren Mitchell
Marcus Kaplan
Ferdy Mayne
John Collin

Peter Collinson