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And Justice For All (1979)

Scruffy and idealistic Baltimore lawyer Arthur Kirkland (Al Pacino) fights corruption and favouritism in the American judicial system during a controversial rape case.

Tangling with the tyrannical Judge Fleming (John Forsythe), Pacino generates much power in a fascinating and compelling movie, featuring unforgettable performances and Norman Jewison’s well-paced direction.

First seen in prison where he’s serving time for contempt, Pacino’s attorney is a crusader, fighting corruption within his profession with a zeal that real-life lawyers can only dream of.

Other plot elements include a judge contemplating suicide, a lawyer going insane because he helped a killer avoid prosecution, and a transvestite living in terror at the prospect of prison.

Watch out for a nice cameo by Lee Strasberg, the legendary Method acting teacher who starred as Pacino’s Jewish mobster rival in The Godfather, Part II.


Arthur Kirkland
Al Pacino
Judge Rayford
Jack Warden
Judge Henry Fleming
John Forsythe
Grandpa Sam
Lee Strasberg
Jay Porter
Jeffrey Tambor
Gail Packer
Christine Lahti
Sam Levene

Norman Jewison