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KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park (1978)

The opening credits show Kiss performing their mega-hit Rock and Roll All Nite at Southern California’s Magic Mountain amusement park.

The park employs a brilliant inventor, Abner Devereaux (Anthony Zerbe) who has a high-tech lab on the site. He builds lifelike robots that appear all over the park, but when a pesky employee, Sam (Terry Lester), takes a break from wooing his girlfriend, Melissa (Deborah Ryan), to asks Abe a few questions, the mad inventor turns him into a robotic zombie with a mind control switch attached to his neck.

After getting fired for being so weird, Abe continues his destruction, sending a robot dressed like Gene Simmons on a nighttime rampage through the park, where he fights some dorky security guards.

The next day, park owner Calvin Richards (Carmine Caridi) and the guards try to interrogate the band as they sunbathe (in full make-up and costumes). The guys crack jokes, while Gene growls.

kissphantom3 kissphantom4

Kiss do their own late-night investigation and wind up having a slow-motion fight with Abe’s robots. They lose and are imprisoned in his lab.

Robot Kiss go on to perform in their place but the song is so bad it almost leads to a Magic Mountain riot from the crowd.

Using their magical powers (they are portrayed in the movie as otherworldly superheroes) the real members of Kiss manage to escape and fly to the concert, beating up the robot impostors and then putting on their own show.

This gloriously cheesy film was made for TV and produced by Hanna-Barbera but received a theatrical release in Europe and Australia.

Peter Criss
Ace Frehley
Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Abner Devereaux
Anthony Zerbe
Deborah Ryan
John Dennis Johnston
John Lisbon Wood
Dirty Dee
Lisa Jane Persky
John Chappell
Terry Lester
Don Steele

Gordon Hessler