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Land That Time Forgot, The (1975)

A British supply ship is sunk by a German submarine in 1916 during World War I.

The survivors – seven men and a girl, conveniently led by American submarine expert Bowen Tyler (Doug McClure) – are taken prisoner by the German U-Boat captain  (John McEnry) but when the submarine runs out of fuel the party has to land on an uncharted island called Caprona in the Antarctic, where they discover, to their horror, dangerous prehistoric creatures.

The Allied and German crews now have to fight for their lives against these ferocious creatures and primaeval men and before long, everyone’s in trouble because the land that time forgot is about to go Ka-Boom thanks to volcanic activity.

This is the first, and worst, of the trilogy of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ lost world adventures (first published in 1924) produced by Amicus, despite the fact that it was co-scripted by sci-fi giant Michael Moorcock.

The Land That Time Forgot was a co-production between Amicus and American Drive-In supplier AIP and with a budget of a million pounds was the most expensive film Amicus had made.

Doug McClure (in his British film debut) is out of his depth as the heroic lead, and the puppet monsters – a phoney amalgam of prop heads and men in rubber suits dangling on wires – are just as weak.

Bowen Tyler
Doug McClure
Captain Von Schoenvorts
John McEnery
Lisa Clayton
Susan Penhaligon
Keith Barron
Anthony Ainley
Godfrey James
Bobby Farr
Declan Mulholland
Colin Farrell
Ben Howard
Roy Holder
Andrew McCulloch

Kevin Connor