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Let’s Get Laid (1978)

It’s 1947 and the war is over. Gordon Laid (Robin Askwith), an innocent demobbed soldier, meets glamorous Maxine Lupercal (70s sex icon Fiona Richmond), a member of a travelling troupe of actors while staying in a friend’s posh Mayfair flat.

Gordon closely resembles a member of the troupe and mistaken identity finds him embroiled in various murders and an international spy plot involving a cigarette lighter that strangely affects electricity.

The action reaches its comical climax on stage with Gordon and his double as the spies and the police converge on the theatre is a desperate attempt to retrieve the missing cigarette lighter.

Fiona Richmond is enchanting and ravishing throughout, exquisitely dressed in an array of exotic outfits that come off at regular intervals.

The supporting cast includes former matinee idol Anthony Steel, comic actor Graham Stark, and TV stalwart Tony Haygarth.

Maxine Lupercal
Fiona Richmond
Gordon Laid/Jimsy Deveroo
Robin Askwith
Moncrieff Dovecraft
Anthony Steel
Inspector Nugent
Graham Stark
Linda Hayden
Rupert Dorchester
Roland Curram
Sgt. Costello
Tony Haygarth
Fenton Umfreville
Richard Manuel
PC Baxter
Charles Pemberton
Shaun Curry
Heavy 1 
Murray Salem
Heavy 2
Ted Burnett

James Kenelm Clarke