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Logan’s Run (1976)

A good example of what passed for Sci-Fi before Star Wars (1977) was released. A real 70s vision of the future.

It’s the 23rd century (a century after the apocalypse, we’re told) and a bunch of happy nubile white people live in a world without strife inside the ultimate singles complex, a huge domed city that looks suspiciously like the Texas shopping mall it was filmed in.

Here they lounge around in skimpy disco clothing (although the women don’t wear any undies), do drugs, beam up sex partners on demand, and wait to turn 30, which is when their hand crystal starts blinking red and eventually turns black – then they get to float around in a cool zero-gravity arena and blow up in front of a cheering crowd, in a quasi-religious “renewal” ritual called “Carousel” (pictured below).


Unbelievers go on the run and are hunted down by ‘Sandmen’ like Michael York’s square-jawed Logan 5 (pictured below left). Either way, nobody gets to see 31.

In the original novel, this was a population control measure – an idea somewhat buried in the film, which instead concentrates on Logan’s crisis of conscience and on making sure his companion Jenny Agutter’s flimsy chemise gets soaking wet at every opportunity.

logansrun_002  logansrun_003

Logan’s Run later became a silly TV series featuring Gregory Harrison from Trapper John MD.

Logan 5
Michael York
Jenny Agutter
Francis 7
Richard Jordan
Roscoe Lee Browne
Farrah Fawcett
Old man
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