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Looking For Mr Goodbar (1977)

Theresa (Diane Keaton), a prim young teacher of deaf children, seeks her off-duty excitement in singles bars, drugs and one-night stands with tragic results.

Her quest for high-risk sexual adventures lead her to a violent encounter with a bisexual psychopath convincingly played by Tom Berenger.

A strong performance by Keaton in a sordid and ultimately depressing film which is based on a bestseller by Judith Rossner; a fictionalised account of the real-life murder of a New York schoolteacher by a man she met in a singles bar.

Also making an impact in the film is Richard Gere in the role of Tony Lopanto, chilling as the self-styled “greatest fuck of your whole life”, from whose sadistic treatment Theresa derives a perverse pleasure.

Writer and director Richard Brooks said of Keaton; “I wondered if Diane could handle the dark side, but she’s sensational”.

Diane Keaton
Tuesday Weld
Tony Lopanto
Richard Gere
William Atherton
Mr Dunn
Richard Kiley
Tom Berenger
Alan Feinstein
Mrs Dunn
Priscilla Pointer
Laurie Prange
Joel Fabiani
Black Cat
Julius Harris
Richard Bright
Cap Jackson
LeVar Burton
Mrs Jackson
Marilyn Coleman
Carole Mallory

Richard Brooks