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Lords Of Flatbush, The (1974)

Sylvester Stallone (in his first top-billed role), Happy Days star Henry Winkler, B-movie heart-throb Perry King and Paul Mace are members of a Brooklyn gang in this brilliant coming-of-age saga set in the late 1950s.

Stallone sets the seal on his future Rocky (1976) success as Stanley, a leather-jacketed tough-talker pushed into marriage by his pregnant girlfriend when all he really wants to do is hang out with the guys and tend his pigeons.

Chico Tyrell (King) is a smart-ass lothario who juggles multiple girlfriends and tries to seduce a pretty girl from the suburbs, Jane Bradshaw (Susan Blakely), only to find that she’s a player as well, manipulating various men for her benefit.

Receiving much less screen time are the other two members of “The Lords,” secretly smart Butchey (Winkler) and self-descriptively named Wimpy (Mace).

Evoking a strong sense of time and place, the nostalgic soundtrack is the icing on a rich cake. A huge youth market sleeper with great support from other such rising stars as Susan Blakely, Ray Sharkey and disco maestro Paul Jabara.

David “Chico” Tyrell
Perry King
Stanley Rosiello
Sylvester Stallone
Butchey Weinstein
Henry Winkler
Wimpy Murgalo
Paul Mace
Jane Bradshaw
Susan Blakely
Frannie Malincanico
Maria Smith
Annie Yuckamanelli
Renee Paris
Crazy Cohen
Paul Jabara

Stephen Verona
Martin Davidson