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Man, The (1972)

The President of America and the Speaker of the House are killed in the collapse of a cathedral while on a visit to Europe. The Vice-President (Lew Ayres) declines the office due to age and ill-health, leaving Senate President pro tempore Douglas Dilman (James Earl Jones) – an unexpected fourth-in-line – who suddenly becomes the first black man to occupy the Oval Office.

The Man was originally filmed as part of ABC’s popular Movie Of The Week television series but was re-edited into a 93 minute, 35 mm theatrical print which received a limited release in cinemas by Paramount Pictures in July 1972.

Douglass Dilman
James Earl Jones
Jim Talley
Martin Balsam
Senator Watson
Burgess Meredith
Noah Calvin
Lew Ayres
Arthur Eaton
William Windom
Kay Eaton
Barbara Rush
Robert Wheeler
Georg Stanford Brown
Janet MacLachlan
Wheeler’s Lawyer
Martin Brooks
Hugh Gaynor
Simon Scott
South African Consul
Patric Knowles
Robert DoQui
Ma Blore
Anne Seymour
Secret Service Man
Edward Faulkner
Congressman Hand
Gilbert Green

Joseph Sargent