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Man of Violence (1971)

In a world of gangs, one man – private eye/gun for hire Moon (Michael Latimer) – will stop at nothing to take the spoils.

Moon is simultaneously hired by two warring northern property developers – Sam Bryant (Derek Francis) and Charles Grayson (Maurice Kaufmann) – to spy on the other, demanding to know what big scheme the other is planning. It’s actually the same scheme, something involving gun-running, gold and oil rights in a post-revolutionary Arab state.

So whose side is Moon on? Simple – his own, aided by a blonde called Angel (Luan Peters), who has some vague contacts and a lot of knowledge about it all.

Moon is never short of a sharp suit, a fast car (Aston Martin DB6 generally) and an attractive girl to affix to his arm. He’s also fast with a gun and equally fast at dropping his trousers, whether with a female or a male (the sight of Moon in bed with another man probably gave the censors cold sweats in 1970).

Pete Walker’s low-budget gangster thriller is packed with sights and sounds from a Britain about to swing out of the 60s and into the grim 70s. It offers unexpected twists and turns and rare glimpses of a world gone by.

The cast includes Hammer girls Luan Peters (Lust for a Vampire) and Virginia Wetherell (Doctor Jekyll & Sister Hyde).

Michael Latimer
Luan Peters
Derek Aylward
Charles Grayson
Maurice Kaufmann
Sam Bryant
Derek Francis
Kenneth Hendel
George Belbin
Alec Powell
Sidney Conabere
Erika Raffael
Virginia Wetherell
John Keston
Jessica Spencer
Mark Allington
Sheila Babbage

Pete Walker