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Man Who Had Power Over Women, The (1970)

John Krish’s film is a strange one. The title suggests ribald comedy, which, in part, the film is. But there’s more to it than that.

The title is a misnomer, for Peter Reaney (Rod Taylor) lacks power over women except in bed.

Reaney is an executive in a show business agency specialising in pop singers. The screenplay, from Gordon Williams’ novel, gives a sour, cynical view of the show business scene and those involved with it.

Reaney has problems with his marriage, his love life, and the showy but insubstantial “best of everything” such a man should have. For instance, his agency has to arrange for an abortion when one of its stars impregnates a fan. The consequences of this remove the film far from comedy and towards nitty-gritty realism.

It’s not a good film – but an interesting, quasi-entertaining one. Australian actor Rod Taylor’s ingratiating personality holds its wayward development together. One becomes interested in the character and takes to the picture gradually.

The cast includes Penelope Horner as the wife who leaves the embittered protagonist. James Booth is his best friend – who has one of the most ignoble screen demises of the 70s.

Carol White is the best friend’s wife who experiences the “power” and likes it, and Clive Francis is the pop star who gets the fan (Wendy Hamilton) into trouble and ugly despair.

Peter Reaney
Rod Taylor
Jody Pringle
Carol White
Val Pringle
James Booth
Angela Reaney
Penelope Horner
Alfred Felix
Charles Korvin
Alexandra Stewart
Jake Braid
Keith Barron
Barry Black
Clive Francis
Mrs Franchetti
Magali Noël
Marie-France Boyer
Mr Pringle
Jimmy Jewel
Lydia Blake
Geraldine Moffat
Angela’s father
Philip Stone
Mary Gray
Wendy Hamilton
Patrick Durkin

John Krish