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Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, The (1973)

When Catherine Crocker (Sarah Miles) leaves the mining executive husband she married for money (George Hamilton) and rides off into the Arizona desert – side-saddle and daintily holding a parasol against the burning sun – she interrupts Jay Grobart (Burt Reynolds) and his gang going about their normal business of robbing a train.

She finds herself kidnapped, on the run, and in dire danger of rape on all sides – except from Grobart who still pines for his dead squaw (she’s the Cat Dancing of the title).

While he is being gallant and protective, Catherine quite naturally falls in love with him and as they move from one hazardous adventure to another, her soulful glances finally melt his taciturn exterior. She plaits her hair, wears a poncho and starts blending with the scenery.

There’s a terrific fight scene when Dawes (Jack Warden) butts in on the happy scene demanding his share of the train robbery money – and his share of Catherine too. Filming was shut down for a week when Burt Reynolds was injured during the stunt fight with Warden.

Lee J Cobb gives a solid performance as the sheriff in pursuit, and there is plenty of action to satisfy Western fans.

Jay Grobart
Burt Reynolds
Catherine Crocker
Sarah Miles
Harvey Lapchance
Lee J. Cobb
Jack Warden
Willard Crocker
George Hamilton
Billy Bowen
Bo Hopkins
Robert Donner
Sandy Kevin
Iron Knife
Larry Littlebird
Nancy Malone
Jay Silverheels
Charlie Bent
Jay Varela
Owen Bush
Larry Finley
Dream Speaker
Sutero García Jr.

Richard C. Sarafian