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McCabe and Mrs Miller (1971)

Set in a snow-covered Pacific Northwest rather than the dusty plains of genre tradition, McCabe and Mrs Miller casts Warren Beatty as the blustering cardsharp John Q. McCabe, an anti-heroic knave who goes into business with (and falls for) opium-addicted prostitute Constance Miller (Julie Christie).

McCabe dreams of turning a mud-caked frontier settlement into a bustling town, but he has hardly begun when he is gunned down by the agents of a sinister mining company.

This is no ordinary Western. Director Robert Altman allows conversations to overlap, encourages the actors to improvise and told Hungarian cameraman Vilmos Zsigmond to use yellow filters for some scenes and underexpose others.

With songs by Leonard Cohen and hazy, sepia-like widescreen photography by Zsigmond, the result is a beguilingly dreamlike vision of times past, texturally unique in the history of the western.

Altman claimed the movie was “less about the spirit of the pioneer than about the spirit of the entrepreneur”.

John Q. McCabe
Warren Beatty
Mrs Constance Miller
Julie Christie
Patrick Sheehan
René Auberjonois
Dog Butler
Hugh Millais
John Schuck
Ida Coyle
Shelley Duvall
Mr Elliott
Corey Fischer
Gene Sears
Michael Murphy
Clement Samuels
William Devane
Bart Coyle
Bert Remsen
Ernie Hollander
Antony Holland
Manfred Schulz
Jace Van Der Veen
Lily Two-for-One
Jackie Crossland
Pinto Kate
Elizabeth Murphy
Mighty Alma
Carey Lee Mckenzie
Tom Hill
Linda Sorensen
Elizabeth Knight
Janet Wright
Maysie Hoy
Linda Kupecek
Jeremy Berg
Jeremy Newsom
Riley Quinn
Jack Riley
Shorty Dunn
Wesley Taylor
Mrs Dunn
Anne Cameron
Bill Cubbs
Graeme Campbell
J.S. Johnson
Joe Sortreed
Joe Clarke
Andy Anderson
Harry Frazier
Edwin Collier
Terence Kelly
Don Francks
Sumner Washington
Rodney Gage
Mrs Washington
Lili Francks

Robert Altman