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Midway (1976)

The epic air and sea battle in June 1942 that changed the course of the war against Japan when a Japanese carrier force, in an attempt to occupy Midway island and lure the American fleet to destruction, was meet valiantly by US forces operating from three aircraft carriers and numerous escort ships.

It was the first battle in which naval air power was extensively used, and at its conclusion, the Japanese Carrier force had been completely destroyed paving the way for the 1943 and 44 US-led offensives which would eventually bring the Pacific War to a close.

A little bit of romance (with Heston’s sailor son) gets in the way but the presentation of the battle is spectacular and was greatly enhanced by a soundtrack presented using the innovative new Sensurround system.

Captain Matt Garth
Charlton Heston
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
Henry Fonda
Captain Vinton Maddox
James Coburn
Rear Admiral Raymond A. Spruance
Glenn Ford
Admiral William F. Halsey
Robert Mitchum
Lieutenant Commander Ernest L. Blake
Robert Wagner
Commander Carl Jessop
Cliff Robertson
Cmdr. Joseph Rochefort
Hal Holbrook
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
Toshiro Mifune
Rear Admiral Frank J. ‘Jack’ Fletcher
Robert Webber
Admiral Harry Pearson
Ed Nelson
Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo
James Shigeta
Haruko Sakura
Christina Kokubo
Commander Max Leslie
Monte Markham
Captain Miles Browning
Biff McGuire

Jack Smight