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Miss Leslie’s Dolls (1973)

Stranded in the backwoods during a raging thunderstorm, beautiful University teacher Miss Frost (Terry Juston) and her three promiscuous students, Martha, Lily and Roy (Kitty Lewis, Marcelle Bichette and Charles W Pitts respectively) take refuge at a lonely house in the woods owned by the mild-mannered spinster Miss Leslie.

Miss Leslie has a collection of very realistic female figures lined up in a chapel-like chamber in the house – which she calls her “dolls” – and are not, it transpires, made of wax . . .


After murdering the girl students, “Miss Leslie” (Salvador Ugarte) is unmasked as an axe-wielding homicidal homosexual cross-dresser, who then inhabits Miss Frost and looks to a future life as a woman in company with young Roy.

This lesser-known drive-in gem from the golden age of grindhouse schlock horror has been lovingly restored in glorious HD. Believed lost for decades, it has been remastered from original film elements.

Miss Leslie
Salvador Ugarte
Miss Alma Frost
Terry Juston
Marcelle Bichette
Kitty Lewis
Roy Sanders
Charles W. Pitts

Joseph G. Prieto