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Money Movers (1978)

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Beresford and starring a cast of fine Australian actors including Bryan Brown, Bud Tingwell, Ed Devereaux and Terrence Donovan, Money Movers is a fast-moving, ultra-violent tale of armed robbery.

The counting-house at Darcey’s Security Services is a veritable fortress, so the theft of $20 million of payroll would be an impossibility – without a little inside help.

The film is loosely based on a 1970 armoured car robbery in Sydney where $587,000 was stolen from a Mayne Nickless armoured van and a 1970 incident where armed robbers impersonated policemen and broke into the offices of Metropolitan Security Services, stealing $280,000.

Eric Jackson
Terence Donovan
Leo Bassett
Tony Bonner
Dick Martin
Ed Devereaux
Jack Henderson
Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell
Mindel Seagers
Candy Raymond
Dawn Jackson
Jeanie Drynan
Brian Jackson
Bryan Brown
Sammy Ross
Alan Cassell
Robert Conway
Lucky Grills
David Griffiths
Hu Pryce
Ernest Sainsbury
Gary Files
Ed Gallagher
Ray Marshall
Lionel Darcy
Frank Wilson

Bruce Beresford