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Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly (1970)

Sexy, immature teenager Girly (Vanessa Howard) and her camera-wielding brother Sonny (Howard Trevor) bring home unsuspecting bums and hippies to their sprawling estate to participate in an elaborate role-playing game – with wealthy Mumsy (Ursula Howells) and Nanny (Pat Heywood) – in which they are the perfect family.

Those men who refuse or attempt to escape are ritualistically murdered and “sent to the angels”.


One day they bring home a new friend (Michael Bryant) who has ideas for games of his own, and he begins to turn the foursome against each other. Realising the best way to survive is to divide and conquer, he sets about sleeping with all the women.

Director Freddie Francis asked screenwriter Brian Comport to specifically write a story around Oakley Court, the house where the movie was filmed.

Comport and Francis found a play called Happy Family as a jumping-off point for the story, but neither actually liked the play. The movie – a mix of psycho horror and pitch-black comedy – retains only the four principal characters’ names and the idea that they bring men home to participate in a role-playing game.

The title was shortened to just Girly for release in America.

Watch out for an appearance by the beautiful but ultimately tragic Imogen Hassall, a classically trained actress who could never quite shake off her glamour girl reputation and took her own life aged 38 in 1980. Michael Ripper also pops up in a cameo appearance as a zookeeper.


New Friend
Michael Bryant
Ursula Howells
Pat Heywood
Howard Trevor
Vanessa Howard
Robert Swann
Imogen Hassall
Zoo attendant
Michael Ripper

Freddie Francis