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Mutiny On The Buses (1972)

Stan (Reg Varney) announces that he is going to get married to his engaged sweetheart Susy (Janet Mahoney) in this comedy sequel to the original On The Buses movie which passed into quick oblivion in 1971 – which, in turn, was based on the extremely popular On The Buses television series.

His family – dependent on Stan’s income – decide that Stan must train his unemployed brother-in-law Arthur (Michael Robbins) to drive a bus.


Meanwhile, at the Town and District Bus Co mayhem ensues when a new General Manager demands a string of new regulations are adhered to, including uniforms only to work, two-way radio and new fire-fighting equipment in the depot.

Stan then blackmails the Manager into giving him the job of the driver on the new money-making Special Tours Bus.  If only the inspector hadn’t taken Stan on his trial run to the Windsor Safari Park.

mutiny mutiny2

The screenplay is by Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney. It’s a terrible film and the comedy is crueller and more bitter than the TV series ever was.

Stan Butler
Reg Varney
Jack Harper

Bob Grant
Inspector Blake

Stephen Lewis

Doris Hare 

Michael Robbins

Anna Karen

Janet Mahoney

Caroline Dowdeswell

Pat Ashton

Tex Fuller

Jan Rennison
New Inspector

Bob Todd
Mr Jenkins

Kevin Brennan
Mrs Jenkins

Damaris Hayman
Safari Guard

David Lodge

Harry Booth
Juliet Duncan

Harry Booth