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Ned Kelly (1970)

One of the unfortunate temptations of hiring a rock star to carry a film is for the director to rely rather lazily on that star’s in-built charisma instead of trying to mould him into a character.

Witness Mick Jagger, here cast as Australia’s most memorable outlaw, who is so similar to his stage image that you half expect him to start shrieking, “It’s great to be Down Under!” or “Thank you, Sydney, you’ve been a great audience!”

Sent to prison for a crime he did not commit, 19-year-old Ned Kelly returns to his home on a run-down Australian ranch following his release and finds his family in dire straits.

Attempts to lead an honest life prove difficult and soon Ned, with a band of comrades, takes to the outback as a wanted man.

Realistically, the blame has to be laid at the door of director Tony Richardson, whose handling sometimes obscures the message and buries the drama.


The songs of Shel Silverstein, however, help to give the film a certain focus.

Ned Kelly
Mick Jagger
Dan Kelly
Allen Bickford
Steve Hart
Geoff Gilmour
Joe Byrne
Mark McManus
Wild Wright
Serge Lazareff
Tom Lloyd
Peter Sumner
Aaron Sherritt
Ken Shorter
Pat O’Donnell
James Elliott

Tony Richardson