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Night Watch (1973)

Ellen Wheeler (Elizabeth Taylor) is a troubled woman struggling through a shaky second marriage. Her first husband died under traumatic circumstances, and now Ellen is wed to John (Laurence Harvey), who may or may not be trysting with Ellen’s best friend, Sarah Cooke (Billie Whitelaw).

Already considered unhinged by everyone she knows, Ellen raises further concerns about her mental state when she claims to have seen a murder committed in the old abandoned house next door which leads to all sorts of friction with Ellen’s neighbours and with the local police, who dig up gardens and search vacant houses while looking for clues that never materialise.

Eventually, the story becomes a battle of wills between Ellen and John, because once John suggests that Ellen spend time in a sanitarium, she must prove her sanity in order to save her own freedom.

Being a psychological thriller, there’s naturally a big surprise twist at the end of the film.

Ellen Wheeler
Elizabeth Taylor
John Wheeler
Laurence Harvey
Sarah Cooke
Billie Whitelaw
Mr Appleby
Robert Lang
Tony Britton
Inspector Walker
Bill Dean
Sergeant Norris
Michael Danvers-Walker
Rosario Serrano
Pauline Jameson
Girl in Car
Linda Hayden
Kevin Colson
Laon Maybanke
David Jackson

Brian G. Hutton