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No Blade of Grass (1970)

In the near future a combination of extreme pollution and a virus which destroys grass, rice and barley, has led to global famine and eventually martial law.

Eyepatch-wearing architect John Custance (Nigel Davenport) flees London with his wife, Ann (Jean Wallace) and family, leading a party of people north to the well-stocked fortress farm owned by Custance’s brother in Scotland.


The party includes their bratty adolescent son, his school chum, their beautiful 16-year-old daughter, Mary (Lynne Frederick) and her manly scientist boyfriend, Roger (John Hamill), as well as gun-crazy psychopath, Andrew Pirrie (Anthony May) and his slutty wife, Clara (Wendy Richard, later of Are You Being Served? and EastEnders).

The group look for food and sanctuary along the way as society collapses around them into a bleak and violent state of anarchy and chaos. When they stop to steal firearms from a supermarket, the shopkeeper tries to stop them, but Andrew Pirrie shoots the man and the group escape.

Later, Custance’s party is attacked by a band of motorcyclists called the Huns, who steal their cars and supplies and rape Ann and Mary Custance.


When they finally camp for the night, Clara attempts to seduce John, but the outraged Pirrie shoots her.

Continuing on foot across blank English hillsides the next morning, they join another escaping group and finally reach the farm. John’s brother David (Patrick Holt) is unwilling to permit such a large number of people on his farm, however, and John, unwilling to abandon the rest of the people, leads an attack on the farm.

David and many others are killed and the Custances and other survivors take over the land, determined to live in peace.

No Blade of Grass was filmed on location in Cumberland, Westmorland, and Yorkshire.


John Custance
Nigel Davenport
Ann Custance
Jean Wallace
Mary Custance
Lynne Frederick
David Custance
Patrick Holt
Andrew Pirrie
Anthony May
Wendy Richard
Roger Burnham
John Hamill
Nigel Rathbone
Christopher Lofthouse
M.J. Matthews
Mr Beaseley
Tex Fuller
Sir Charles Brenner 
Anthony Sharp
George Coulouris
Dr Cassop
Norman Atkyns
Mr Blennit
Reg Staniford
Mrs Blennit
Maureen Rutter
Christopher Neame
Jill Locke
Bridget Brice
Alf Parsons
Ross Allan
Emily Ashton
Denise Mockler
Joe Ashton
Mervyn Patrick
Mrs Parsons
Joan Ward
Joe Harris
Brian Crabtree
Liz Harris
Susan Sydney
Jess Arkwright
Michael Landy
Susan Arkwright
Louise Kay
Bill Riggs
Bruce Myers
Prudence Riggs
Margaret Chapman
Derek Keller
Mrs Scott
Suzanne Pinkstone
Surgit Sood
Dick Offord
Joe’s wife
Joanna Annin

Cornel Wilde