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Nobody Ordered Love (1972)

This comedy-tragedy tells of the double-crossing and heartless dealings in the British film industry.

Hammer horror icon Ingrid Pitt plays a bolshy actress making a low-budget WWI picture entitled The Somme, who ends up taking her own life while the director’s business partner seduces her understudy.

Director Robert Hartford-Davis – one of the most prolific directors in British exploitation cinema – intended the film to be an exposé of the workings of the genre but reviews were vicious (The Observer called it “a crashing bore”) and Rank lost faith in the project, prompting Hartford-Davis to get so angry that he pulled the release, took the negatives and went to live in Los Angeles.

He stored the footage in a garage, but after he died in 1977, his wife cleared out his stored possessions, including the movie. No copies of the film remain.

Alice Allison
Ingrid Pitt
Caroline Johnson
Judy Huxtable
Paul Medbury
John Ronane
Peter Triman
Tony Selby
Leo Richardstone
Peter Arne
Mark Eden
Jacques Legrand
David Weston
Janet Lynn
David Lodge
Frank Jarvis
Barry Meteyard
Camera operator
Larry Taylor
Heather Barbour
Continuity Girl
Tricia Barnes
Charles Houston
Carolyn Wilde
John Glyn-Jones

Robert Hartford-Davis