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Nude Vampire, The (1970)

This weird mix of 70’s soft porn and art-house from Director Jean Rollin is a surreal journey through an unsettling living painting of masked beauties, mutilated dolls and killer twins.

Wealthy hedonist Pierre Radamante (Olivier Rollin, the director’s brother) discovers that his decadent scientist father, Georges (Maurice Lemaître) is carrying out experiments to unlock the secret of immortality by studying the biochemistry of a mute woman (Christine François, billed here as Caroline Cartier) who wears a see-through gown and appears to be a vampire.

There is also a secret suicide cult who worship the woman and are more than happy to keep providing her with the blood she needs to feed her immortality.

Rollin regulars and real-life twin siblings Catherine and Marie-Pierre Castel are sexy and captivating as Radamante’s servant girls while Ursule Pauly is effectively nasty as his treacherous secretary, Solange.

There’s barely any dialogue, the story is flimsy, and it’s probably a film for diehard vampire fanatics – but the photography is stunning and it certainly has some extraordinarily beautiful women cavorting about in their birthday suits.

Originally released as La Vampire Nue, this was Jean Rollin’s first movie in colour.

Christine François (Caroline Cartier)
Pierre Radamante
Olivier Rollin (Olivier Martin)
Georges Radamante
Maurice Lemaître
Bernard Musson
Jean Aron
Ursule Pauly
Georges’ servant girls
Catherine Castel (Cathy Tricot)
Marie-Pierre Castel (Pony Tricot)
Michel Delahaye
Pascal Fardoulis
Paul Bisciglia
Old man
René-Jean Chauffard
Old woman
Natalie Perrey
Ly Lestrong

Jean Rollin