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Number 96 (1974)

Following the incredible success of the TV series Number 96, Cash-Harmon Productions brought the residents of Australia’s favourite block of flats to the big screen.

Vera Collins (Elaine Lee) is gang-raped by a group of bikies and recovers at the home of her socialite friend Claire Houghton (Thelma Scott). There she is romanced by distinguished politician Nicholas Brent but worries that her shady past may harm his career.

Meanwhile, Dorrie (Pat McDonald) and Herb (Ron Shand) Evans begin arrangements for the celebration of their Ruby wedding anniversary with Roma (Philippa Baker), Arnold (Jeff Kevin), Norma (Sheila Kennelly) and Dudley (Chard Hayward) all crossing wires and duplicating tasks while attempting to help out and cut costs.

A shocking discovery by Flo (Bunney Brooke) threatens to halt the celebrations altogether and brings a new man into Dorrie’s life.

Aldo (Johnny Lockwood) is struggling to work two jobs after accidentally losing the money he had secretly pocketed in the deli to avoid paying income tax on it, and Lucy is suitably unimpressed after Les (Gordon McDougall) ropes Alf (James Elliott) into his latest money-spinner; a sauna in the basement of the block of flats.

The film was shot in eleven days in December 1973 on 16mm film and then blown up to 35mm.

Aldo Godolfus
Johnny Lockwood
Roma Godolfus
Philippa Baker
Les Whittaker
Gordon McDougall
Norma Whittaker
Sheila Kennelly
Dorrie Evans
Pat McDonald
Herb Evans
Ron Shand
Flo Patterson 
Bunney Brooke
Don Finlayson
Joe Hasham
Jack Sellars
Tom Oliver
Diana Moore
Rebecca Gilling
Sonia Hunter
Lynn Rainbow
Duncan Hunter
Alister Smart
Alf Sutcliffe
James Elliott
Lucy Sutcliffe
Elisabeth Kirkby
Arnold Feather
Jeff Kevin
Vera Collins
Elaine Lee
Dudley Butterfield
Chard Hayward
Maggie Cameron
Bettina Welch
Claire Houghton
Thelma Scott
Horace Deerman
Harry Lawrence
Simon Carr
John Orcsik
Nicholas Brent
James Condon
Tony Brent
Patrick Ward

Peter Benardos