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Oh, God! (1977)

God (81-year-old George Burns) chooses Jerry Landers (country singer John Denver in his movie debut), a Southern California supermarket assistant manager, to spread the gospel and deliver his message. But, of course, nobody believes a word Jerry says.

A very funny, very original film, which, together with The Sunshine Boys, revitalised the career of cigar-chomping veteran comedian George Burns.

Skilled comedy director Carl Reiner works wonders with this material, which in other hands could have turned out extremely tasteless. Teri Garr and Ralph Bellamy provide wonderful support, and the whole has a marvellous feel-good quality to it.

George Burns
Jerry Landers
John Denver
Bobbie Landers
Teri Garr
Dr Harmon
Donald Pleasence
Sam Raven
Ralph Bellamy
George Summers
William Daniels
Dinah Shore

Carl Reiner