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Our Miss Fred (1972)

During World War II, actor Fred Wimbush (Danny La Rue in his first starring film role) receives his call-up papers ordering him to an Army post in war-torn France.

On arrival, his virility is a little winded when he finds himself down for duty in the camp variety show – as the heroine.

When Fred makes his entrance in full makeup, wig and evening dress, his audience has disappeared. The Germans have arrived.

Fred realises that if he admits to being a man, he will be shot as a spy and so has to continue to pose as a woman. The disguise is so convincing that chivalrous General Brincker (Alfred Marks) offers to protect “her” from the Gestapo.

Wimbush then falls in with a party of English schoolgirls whose boisterous antics would put the St Trinian’s crew to shame.

This bawdy World War II comedy has La Rue clambering in and out of drag faster than the rate of doubles-entendres. Award-winning actress Frances de la Tour is far and away the best thing in the film.

A risqué song about Hitler only having one bollock was cut from the UK cinema version in order for the film to receive an ‘A’ (PG) certificate. All later releases were restored and uncut.

Released in some markets as Operation: Fred.

Fred Wimbush
Danny La Rue
General Brincker
Alfred Marks
Lance Percival
Miss Lockhart
Frances de la Tour
Miss Flodden
Lally Bowers
Walter Gotell
Sophie Batchelor
Jennifer Croxton
David Ellen
Vanessa Furse
Barrie Gosney

Bob Kellett