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Outlaw Josey Wales, The (1976)

Clint Eastwood took over the direction of The Outlaw Josey Wales from its co-scenarist Philip Kaufman when the two men fell out over the character of Josey Wales. The result was Eastwood’s finest film to date, both as actor and director.

He plays a peaceable Missouri farmer whose family is murdered by Unionist guerrillas, led by Captain Terrill (Bill Mckinney). He takes his revenge as a Confederate guerrilla in a band led by a giant of man named Fletcher (John Vernon), and when the Civil War ends, he sets off for Texas with a bounty on his head, reluctantly acquiring a motley bunch of companions on the way, including an old Cherokee named Lone Watie (Chief Dan George) and a young Indian girl, Little Moonlight (Geraldine Keams).

They set up a commune that draws Wales back into the world of emotions. At the film’s climax, they must defend it against Wales’ pursuers.

This is a superb Western of epic scope and, thanks to John Surtees’ cinematography, great pictorial beauty.

Eastwood is supported by some spirited playing, notably from Chief Dan George as a self-mocking Indian ancient, and John Vernon as Wales’ compromised Civil War commander, Fletcher, condemned to hunt him down.

Josey Wales
Clint Eastwood
Lone Watie
Chief Dan George
Laura Lee
Sondra Locke
Captain Terrill
Bill Mckinney
John Vernon
Grandma Sarah
Paula Trueman
Sam Bottoms
Little Moonlight
Geraldine Keams
Joyce Jameson
Travis Cobb
Sheb Wooley
Ten Spot
Royal Dano
Matt Clark
John Verros
Ten Bears
Will Sampson
Sim Carstairs
William O’Connell
Comanchero Leader
John Quade
Senator Lane
Frank Schofield
Len Lesser
Douglas Mcgrath
Bloody Bill Anderson
John Russell
Zukie Limmer
Charles Tyner
Bruce M. Fischer
John Mitchum
Grannie Hawkins
Madeleine Holmes
Josey’s wife
Cissy Wellman
Faye Hamblin
Danny Green

Clint Eastwood