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People That Time Forgot, The (1977)

The People That Time Forgot – a direct sequel to The Land That Time Forgot (1975) – was the last film made by Amicus Productions.

It’s 1919 and Major Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne) is mounting an expedition to locate his old friend Bowen Tyler (Doug McClure), who was stranded in Caprona in the previous film.

Once they reach the lost landmass by ship, McBride sets out in a biplane with palaeontologist Norfolk (Thorley Walters), mechanic Hogan (Shane Rimmer), and photographer Lady Charlotte ‘Charly’ Cunningham (Sarah Douglas).

They are attacked by a pterodactyl and end up trekking on foot.

John Wayne’s son Patrick always feels like he is reading his lines from cue cards but Sarah Douglas is quite charismatic and playful as the female lead Charly. The veteran Thorley Walters and the ever-reliable Shane Rimmer are both very good as supporting characters.

Blues singer Dana Gillespie is boobtastic in her barely-there cavegirl costume.

Major Ben McBride
Patrick Wayne
Bowen Tyler
Doug McClure
Lady Charlotte ‘Charly’ Cunningham
Sarah Douglas
Dana Gillespie
Thorley Walters
Shane Rimmer
Captain Lawton
Tony Britton
John Hallam
David Prowse
Milton Reid
Kiran Shah
Lt. Whitby
Richard LeParmentier
Lt. Graham
Jimmy Ray

Kevin Connor