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Percy’s Progress (1974)

When a US Air Force plane crashes into the sea with a load of chemicals and contaminates the world’s water supply, it is discovered that all the males in the world have become impotent, with the exception of Percy (Leigh Lawson).

This sorry sequel to the dire sex comedy, Percy (1971), has an unusually strong cast but was surely the career-low of all who participated. It’s hard to fathom why Vincent Price agreed to appear or why Denholm Elliott signed up again after his role as the transplant surgeon in the original, but, following Hywel Bennett’s refusal, it’s clear that Leigh Lawson assumed the lead role in order to achieve greater exposure.

Harry H Corbett’s role as the prime minister was an inspired piece of casting that the aspirational Harold Steptoe would surely have approved of. Ronald Fraser plays a Special Branch man, while Milo O’Shea appears as the head of the US Department of Chemical Warfare.

There’s a certain poetic justice in the fact that this limp effort should be about the entire male population of the world being rendered infertile, although infantile would be a better word to describe the dismal contributions of director Ralph Thomas and writer Sid Colin.

Released in the US as It’s Not the Size That Counts.


Percy Edward Anthony
Leigh Lawson
Elke Sommer
Sir Emmanuel Whitbread
Denholm Elliott
Dr Fairweather
Judy Geeson
Prime Minister
Harry H Corbett
Stavos Mammonian
Vincent Price
Iris (PC 217)
Adrienne Posta
Miss Hanson
Julie Ege
Dr Anderson/Australian TV lady
Barry Humphries
James Booth
Dr Klein
Milo O’Shea
Ronald Fraser
Anthony Andrews
Bernard Lee
Miss UK
Madeline SMith
Derry Hogan
Alan Lake
Professor Godowski
George Coulouris
Miss Teenage Lust
Jenny Hanley
Maureen Sugden
Diane Langton
Carol Hawkins
Madame Lopez
Marika Rivera
Penny Irving
Judy Matheson
Gertan Klauber
General Dodds
Alan Tilvern
Graham Weston
Miss America
Minah Bird
Miss Australia
Marlene Morrow
Miss France
Ludmilla Nova
Miss Israel
Karan David
Miss Thailand
Emily Bolton

Ralph Thomas