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Perfect Friday (1970)

This little-known swinging 60s caper film sees Stanley Baker in fine form as uptight deputy bank manager Mr Graham who recruits glamorous socialite Lady Dorset (Ursula Andress) and her dissolute, cash-strapped English Lord husband (David Warner) to help him rob his employer and clean out the bank’s vaults.

As impoverished members of the peerage, the Dorsets are keeping themselves expensively afloat with over-extended credit from Graham’s bank. On a Friday when the coast is clear, Graham will give the Dorsets a signal. That will be the “perfect Friday”.

While waiting, Lord Nicholas Dorset and Graham are both consumed with plans to doublecross the other and take the whole haul.

Meanwhile, Lady Dorset – while appearing to keep very busy in bed with either Mr Graham or her husband – is giving equally strenuous mental effort to her own plans for acquiring the swag . . .

Director Peter Hall’s non-linear narrative makes the story confusing at times but this is more than made up for by the interaction between the three stars.

Warner’s flamboyant character steals this film, in large part because Baker – in an example of how good acting can sometimes mean consciously stepping aside – helps him to do it.

Britt, Lady Dorset
Ursula Andress
Mr Graham
Stanley Baker
Lord Nicholas Dorset
David Warner
Patience Collier
T.P. McKenna
David Waller
Miss Welsh
Joan Benham
Julian Orchard
Trisha Mortimer
Miss Marsh
Ann Tirard

Peter Hall