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Phynx, The (1970)

A wonderfully bizarre cinematic nugget of the psychedelic era. The Phynx is the ultimate pre-fab pop group, created by a supercomputer called M.O.T.H.A. and catapulted to fame by the CIA-like SSA (Super Secret Agency), aided by some of Lieber-Stoller’s less stellar tunes.

The plan is for the computer-created group to go behind the Iron Curtain to Albania and rescue a vast collection of American cultural heroes who have been kidnapped by those darn Commies including Ed Sullivan, Joe Louis, Ruby Keeler, Dorothy Lamour, Trini Lopez, George Jessel, the Bowery Boys’ Leo Gorcey, Busby Berkeley, Guy Lombardo, Colonel Sanders (!), Jay (Tonto) Silverheels, Rudy Vallee, Johnny Weissmuller and Xavier Cugat . . .

The four actors playing the band members are unmemorable and, indeed, remain unknown to this day, and the celebrity cast – though impressive in sheer volume – gets little to do.

The Phynx
Michael A. Miller
Ray Chippeway
Dennis Larden
Lonny Stevens
Lou Antonio
Mike Kellin
Colonel Rostinov
Michael Ansara
George Tobias
Joan Blondell
Larry Hankin
Wee Johnny Wilson
Ted Eccles
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet
Father O’Hoolihan
Pat McCormick
Joseph Gazal
Number One
Bob Williams
Bogey’s Secretary
The Box (voice)
Rich Little
The London Belly
Sue Bernard
The Copenhagen Belly
Sherry Miles
The Italian Belly
Ann Morell
The Lone Ranger
John Hart
Jay Silverheels
Harold Sakata
Martha Raye
Number 1 Fan (Muriel Oxenberg Murphy)
Sally Struthers
Patty Andrews
Rona Barrett
Edgar Bergen
Busby Berkeley
James Brown
Dick Clark
Xavier Cugat
Cass Daley
Andy Devine
Fritz Feld
Leo Gorcey
Huntz Hall
Louis Hayward
George Jessel
Ruby Keeler
Patsy Kelly
Dorothy Lamour
Guy Lombardo
Joe Louis
Trini López
Marilyn Maxwell
Butterfly McQueen
Pat O’Brien
Maureen O’Sullivan
Richard Pryor
Colonel Sanders
Ed Sullivan
Rudy Vallee
Clint Walker
Johnny Weissmuller

Lee H Katzin