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Pink Panther Strikes Again, The (1976)

On the verge of release from a psychiatric hospital after years of treatment, former Chief Inspector Dreyfus is driven mad by a chance encounter with the innocent cause of his breakdown, Jacques Clouseau.

Dreyfus assembles an international network of top assassins to eliminate his arch enemy, but his intended victim continues to create mayhem.

Peter Sellers’s hilarious portrayal of the bungling Inspector Clouseau holds together this fourth entry in the series, and Herbert Lom gives another stalwart performance as the long-suffering Dreyfus.


The critics were divided as some thought that Dreyfus’s increasingly desperate attempts to bump off the incompetent Clouseau were a riot of bawdy humour and inspired slapstick, while others considered the film to be a repetitive rehash in which the same gag was worked to death without ever really being funny.

The box-office evidence seems to suggest that the public voted with the “pro” lobby.


Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Peter Sellers
Chief Inspector Dreyfus
Herbert Lom
Alec Drummond
Colin Blakely
Superintendent Quinlan
Leonard Rossiter
Lesley-Anne Down
Burt Kwouk
André Maranne
Dr Hugo Fassbender
Richard Vernon
Michael Robbins
Margo Fassbender
Briony McRoberts
President Gerald Ford
Dick Crockett
Secretary of State Kissinger
Byron Kane
CIA director
Paul Maxwell
Dudley Sutton
Mrs Leverlilly
Vanda Godsell
Mr Bullock
Norman Mitchell
Mrs Japonica
Patsy Smart
Mr Shork
Tony Sympson
Mr Stutterstut
George Leech
Dr Zelmo Flek
Murray Kash
Hall Galili

Blake Edwards