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Please Sir! (1971)

This comedy film, based on the popular television series, featured Mr Hedges (John Alderton) and other teachers taking 5C from Fenn Street school on a two-week camping holiday in the countryside at Woodbridge Rural Centre, a special outdoor camp for schools.

Upon arrival at the centre, 5C proceed to lose their fortnight’s quota of good conduct marks in a single night of chaos, confusion and catastrophe.

Then there’s the mystery of the forged signature. To go on the camping trip, all the pupils have to produce their parents’ signatures as a form of consent. Dennis’s dad (Peter Bayliss) doesn’t like the idea – so 5C decide to help out.

And poor old gullible Potter (Deryck Guyler) is the person they choose to unknowingly help them complete their plan . . .

Carol Hawkins replaced Penny Spencer in the role of Sharon.

Bernard Hedges
John Alderton
Norman Potter
Deryck Guyler
Doris Ewell
Joan Sanderson
Mr Cromwell
Noel Howlett
Mr Smith
Erik Chitty
Mr Price
Richard Davies
Angela Cutforth
Patsy Rowlands
Eric Duffy
Peter Cleall
Sharon Eversleigh
Carol Hawkins
Maureen Bullock
Liz Gebhardt
Frankie Abbott 
David Barry
Dennis Dunstable
Peter Denyer
Peter Craven
Malcolm Mcfee
Aziz Resham
Brinsley Forde
Penny Wheeler
Jill Kerman
Norman Bird
Mrs Abbott 
Barbara Mitchell
Mr Dunstable
Peter Bayliss
Mrs Dunstable
Eve Pearce
Bus Driver
Jack Smethurst
Old Gypsy Lady
Daphne Heard
Nicky Locise
Mrs Duffy
Brenda Cowling
Richard Everett
Hayden Evans
Frederick Beauman

Mark Stuart