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Plugg (1975)

This no-budget Ozploitation soft-core ‘sex comedy’ set in Perth features seedy Aussie private investigator Horatio Plugg (Peter Thompson) who is on the case of Pussycat Escorts. He is closely pursued by Inspector Closer (veteran Sullivans TV personality Norman Yemm), and his inept sidekick Constable Hector (Reg Gorman).

70s Penthouse centrefold Cheryl Rixon is absolutely stunning as pussycat Kelli Kelly, and almost makes the endless stream of references to bums, tits and pussies worthwhile.

The film ends in a nude free-for-all in a swimming pool and Plugg appearing before a magistrate charged with excessive ogling in a built-up area.

Filmed in ‘Skinamascope’.

Horatio Plugg
Peter Thompson
Kelli Kelly
Cheryl Rixon
Inspector Closer
Norman Yemm
Constable Hector
Reg Gorman
Big Mick Hendlebreyer
Phil Cleary
Percy Hazelwood
Bob Maguire
Mark Adler
Michael Kent
Claude Marshall-Enright
Edgar Metcalfe
Estelle Marshall-Enright
Pat Skevington
Gwen Farrington
Helen O’Grady

Terry Bourke