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Private Road (1971)

Up-and-coming short story writer Peter Morrissey (Bruce Robinson) meets pretty young receptionist Ann Halpern (Susan Penhaligon) at his publishing house.

Peter’s laid back lifestyle and bohemian friends appeal to Ann, who is the rather-spoilt daughter of a wealthy stockbroker and has been raised in middle-class surroundings in Suburban Surrey.

The two begin an intense love affair and head off to a cottage in the Scottish highlands. Unfortunately, reality soon bites and they grow bored with each other, and Ann gets pregnant.

Peter doesn’t really care about the novel he’s been told to write but is forced to get a steady job to support the unborn child.

Bruce Robinson would famously write and direct the cult classic Withnail & I (1987).

Ann Halpern
Susan Penhaligon
Peter Morrissey 

Bruce Robinson

Michael Feast 
Mr Halpern 

Robert Brown

George Fenton
Mrs Halpern 
Kathleen Byron
Erica Talbot 

Patricia Cutts
Alex Marvel 

Trevor Adams
Sylvia Halpern

Susan Broderick

Barney Platts-Mills