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Psychedelic Priest, The (1971)

Father John (John Darrell) begins to question his faith after he accidentally ingests some LSD given to him in a cola.

He walks away from the church and wanders the country incognito in order to “find himself”.

John comes across a pretty blonde hippie hitchhiker named Sunny (Carolyn Hall). He gives her a ride and the two decide to hang together, camping out at night, getting high, and generally enjoying life. But when Sunny professes her love for John he rejects the poor girl mercilessly.

He runs across racist killer cops and hippie haters and even helps deliver a hippie girl’s baby in a VW van. Cue a downward spiral into a world of alcohol and drug abuse.

Dismissed as an Easy Rider knock-off, the film never saw a theatrical release until it was published by Something Weird Video in 2001 as Electric Shades of Grey.

Father John
John Darrell
Carolyn Hall

William Grefe