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Pulp (1972)

An author becomes embroiled in murder and intrigue in the Mediterranean while ghostwriting the autobiography of an ageing actor with a murky past.

One of the more interesting teams in the British post-New Wave period was that of the three Michaels – star Caine, writer/director Hodges, producer Klinger – who failed to hit their former Get Carter (1971) pay dirt with this, their second outing.

Nevertheless, the sheer knowing coolness of this bizarre comedy thriller bears watching, and certainly deserved a better box-office reception in its day.

The central theme involving the hiring of a ghostwriter is explored with wit and style, as Hodges deploys his camera cleverly through Maltese locations, and the uncompromising plot makes excellent use of Hollywood icons Mickey Rooney and Lizabeth Scott.

Mickey King
Michael Caine
Preston Gilbert
Mickey Rooney
Ben Dinuccio
Lionel Stander
Princess Betty Cippola
Lizabeth Scott
Liz Adams
Nadia Cassini
Al Lettieri
Mysterious Englishman
Dennis Price
Amerigo Tot
Leopoldo Trieste
Jim Norman
Robert Sacchi
Ave Ninchi

Mike Hodges