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Queen Kong (1976)

A female film crew journeys to the jungle Island of Lazanga (“where they do the konga”) where a giant ape, Queen Kong, falls in love with the crew’s male star.

Robin Askwith stars as wimpy hippy leading man Ray Fay (you see what they did there?) while Rula Lenska’s movie director character (the feminist film director) is called Luce Habit.

Valerie Leon of Carry On fame features as the bikini-clad Queen of the Nabongas and Linda Hayden has a cameo role playing a tuneless Singing Nun.

The Nabongas capture Ray and pop him into a birthday cake as a sacrifice to Queen Kong, but instead of eating him, the 64-foot gorilla falls in love with him.

Sneaky Luce and her liberated ladies manage to snatch Ray back and the gorilla ends up chasing them through the jungle only to wind up captured and shipped off to London.

The film is riddled with bad jokes but Robin and Rula deliver them without batting an eyelid. The giant ape is just someone in a tatty suit and the African locations look suspiciously like English woodland.

Coming hot on the heels of the 1976 King Kong remake starring Jessica Lange – and clearly parodying that film – producer Dino De Laurentiis blocked Queen Kong‘s release wherever he could.

Ray Fay
Robin Askwith
Luce Habit
Rula Lenska
Queen of the Nabongas
Valerie Leon
Roger Hammond
John Clive
Ima Goodbody
Carol Drinkwater
Antique Dealer
Anthony Morton
Police Secretary
Fiona Curzon
Chief Constable
Stanley Platts
The Singing Nun
Linda Hayden

Frank Agrama