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Race with the Devil (1975)

Roger Marsh (Peter Fonda) and his best mate Frank Stewart (Warren Oates) are taking their wives Kelly (Lara Parker) and Alice (Loretta Swit) on a skiing vacation to Aspen, Colorado, in their nice big Recreational Vehicle.

But their holiday plans are scuppered en route when they inadvertently witness a young girl being sacrificed as part of a satanic ritual, at which point the two couples are chased halfway across Texas by the murderous cultists.

Race With The Devil breathes new life into the 70s satanic cinema genre. There’s a terrific sense of ever-mounting paranoia: virtually every single character the travellers meet during their panic-stricken flight is a satanist – part of an entire network seeded throughout Texas.

Or are they? Are Roger, Frank, Alice and Kelly merely paranoid? Or are we? It’s actually all of the above, and pretty much everyone is a cultist.

The final chase scene is tremendous, with explosions, cars flipping left, right and centre, and stuntmen clearly earning their danger money.

With the dust settled and the cult finally off their backs, the foursome parks their RV in a secluded spot, ready for a well-deserved rest.

We won’t spoil the details for anyone who hasn’t seen the film, but the famous finale is right up there with the best of 70s cinema’s bleak endings.

It’s a must-see.

Roger Marsh
Peter Fonda
Frank Stewart
Warren Oates
Alice Stewart
Loretta Swit
Kelly Marsh
Lara Parker
Sheriff Taylor
R.G. Armstrong
Deputy Dave
Wes Bishop
Clay Tanner
Ethel Henderson
Carol Blodgett
Ricci Ware
Ricci Ware
Cal Mathers
Paul A. Partain
Karen Miller
Arkey Blue
Arkey Blue
Gun Shop Owner
James N. Harrell
Phil Hoover
Gas Station Attendant
Jack Starrett

Jack Starrett